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Wander Marchal shimmers on her pain-laden new single "Sacred"

Wander Marchal's commanding vocals were the first thing that struck us when listening to her music. The budding artist brings a whole new level of emotions on her latest record, "Sacred." Check it out below:

The soul-filled bluesy track showcases Marchal's definitive sound. With a blend of vintage soul laced with rock sensibilities, this is a powerful sound. A solid guitar foundation and down-tempo hard drums all rise to a climax on the chorus alongside Marchal's passionate performance. Marchal expresses a poignant message, as she croons "We turn love into war," addressing an unknown individual who was once a significant part of her life. Her vocals are wrought with emotion and burden as they start off mellow on the verses and slowly progress into a rousing chorus, conversely, her lyrics "Nothing's sacred no more," ring loud and clear.

"Sacred" is a compelling work of art and quite a riveting introduction to the young artist. 

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