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Dee Ajayi is putting "Finishing Touches" on herself

Dee Ajayi debuts with a smooth acoustic single titled "Finishing Touches"

UK budding artist Dee Ajayi's "Finishing Touches" is pure unbridled emotion on wax. Built on a simple alluring acoustic guitar and dreamy keys, the singer displays inspiring vibes laced with bright elements. The track is sincerity at its peak as she delivers a message on self-acceptance/ self-love and caring for others. Far from being preachy or naive, she keeps it simple with her melodious vocal style and relatable lyrics that aim to inspire the listener without judgment. 

The West Midlands, UK.act also leaves us with a parting message to brighten our day “Be who you needed when you were younger. You never know whose day you'll make when you - hashtag - Share A Smile!

Connect with Dee Ajayi   : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

R&B · Soul


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