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WAJU & AIYA slow things down on "Don't Rush"

WAJU teams up with AIYA for this brilliant collab titled "Don't Rush."

Producer and artist WAJU links up with Dutch songwriter AIYA to create a heart wrenching, pop-R&B gem titled "Don't Rush". Built on a mellow, somewhat ethereal backdrop, AIYA delivers a love-laden styled record around the topic of patience and self-restraint. The ambient/cinematic backdrop serves as the perfect canvass for AIYA's emotionally deep performance. Her lyrics are particularly thought-provoking and invoke that feeling of dependency on another individual. She knows she has to find a way to repress the urge but the feeling is just too strong. "Don't Rush" can be understood at multiple levels - from physical to emotional, and everything in between.

"Don't Rush" is the Follow-up single from WAJU after his Majestic Casual released "My Love". He has sonically stayed true to the sounds of his environment. Shortly after moving to Sweden and working with other collaborators in London, Amsterdam, Sweden, London, and Paris, WAJU was able to develop a sound and explore different musical genres

Connect with WAJU: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with AIYA:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Soul · Soul-Hop


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Andrey Golubol
Andrey Golubol
2 years ago

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