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Thoreau breaks into hip-hop with earnest vocal "In For"

Deep within the Denver mountains, Thoreau has been slowly inching towards a major stylistic change. With his new track "In For," the artist (aka Harry Myers) makes a bold leap into hip-hop, with confidence and gusto in his delivery and arrangement that proves he's here to stay.

While a positive, career-enriching step towards uncharted sonic territory outside the electronic tunes he was previously known for, the inspiration for the the lyrical element of "In For" came from a darker place. Myers shares, “I wrote 'In For' based on episodes of never feeling good enough, apologetically accounting for my own weaknesses. Sometimes I’m amazed that the people closest to me continue put up with all my shit, and this song is heartfelt exaggeration of this." His delivery is honest and raw - yearning word flow that easily beckons the listener to identify, and experience the moment of Thoreau's personal and music growth alongside the artist. "We’ve all wished we could be better people for the ones we love, but what matters most is that we see ourselves for what we truly are, imperfect and beautiful."

"In For" is the lead single from Thoreau's forthcoming debut EP Reflections.

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