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Autograf are kings of the summer jam with buoyant "Gravity" (feat. French Horn Rebellion)

Autograf is one of those electronic acts that pumps out hits at such an insane rate, you wonder what magic juice they must be drinking in the studio.

The three-piece purveyors of feel good house return with your sugar sweet anthem of the summer - "Gravity" featuring French Horn Rebellion. Sheer fun from start to finish, "Gravity" is an upbeat poolside bop that contrasts with Autograf's last hit, the morose "Dead Soon." With the latest offering, the guys swing back to the uplifting experience they're best known for, both in sound design and their vibrant, dancey live sets. Autograf's signature big, bright synths are perfectly coupled with the silken vocals of French Horn Rebellion, tumbling together with refreshing ease. It's a no brainer for your warm weather, windows down playlists to last you through the season.

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