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The Jolly Llamas deliver a mesmerizing new surf rock single "Surfrider"

With a sun-drenched guitar melody and whispering indie rock vocals, this latest single "Surfrider" from Santa Cruz pop-rock group The Jolly Llamas is an infectious earworm that makes you want to drive down the 101 with the sun setting down past the crashing waves. Check it out below:

There's some complex guitar work on this one that really caught my attention with a blend of 80s euro punk and classic 70s surf rock electric guitar strum. The "Surfrider" chorus is delivered through these gentle vocals that playoff well with the repeating guitar melody to invoke this kind of alluring undertone to the track that really leaves you mesmerized. 

Connect with the Jolly Llamas: Facebook | Soundcloud 

Indie Pop · Rock · Surf Pop


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