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Prince Wiser pay tribute to all the "Lost Boyz N' The War Zone"

Prince Wiser delivers a thought-provoking and somewhat scathing outlook on the plight of minorities on his new record "Lost Boyz N' The War Zone."

To hone in on the message Prince Wiser teams up with producer and instrumentalist Sean Taylor who helps craft the perfect poignant backdrop for the rapper's graphic lyrics. On the first verse, he details the struggle of an ex-con who hopes to change his life around despite the huge odds against him. The second verse focuses on the pressure placed on a young black man by the society at large for being from the ghetto. While the young man may be trying to stay out of trouble, he is often labeled as guilty due to his associations with the unscrupulous elements in his neighbourhood. 

Prince Wiser says  the song is "In memory of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin & all whom we've lost to police brutality and ALL injustice done to black people, MY PEOPLE because of our heritage."

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