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Nikita explores new terrain on the edgy "Move You Slow"

The six-man band who go by the moniker Nikita just released their new record titled " Move You Slo. "

The band venture into new regions on this brilliant record, blending 70s psychedelic and soulful vibes. The musical arrangement is pretty dense as they layer their hard-hitting rhythm section with an engulfing guitar riff laced with an ethereal synth sound. On the lyrical tip, the record explores the concept of vulnerability in sexuality and the dual nature of how a person presents themselves to the world versus how they feel internally. Helmed by frontman Billy Yeterian who delivers an emotional drenched performance alongside the rest of the band, "Move You Slow " has an undeniable vibe that would keep the listener compelled from start to finish.

"Move You Slow " is one of the two main singles taken from Nikita's recently released sophomore effort Nikita Blue. 

Connect with Nikita : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Progressive · Psychedelic · Soul


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