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Big Homie Stone releases "Private Show"

Las Vegas rapper Kiari The Stone just changed his name to Big Homie Stone, and dropped a new song to accompany his new moniker. "Private Show" is a bit of a switch up in itself; he strays away from his previous neo-soul hip-hop style. Stone holds onto his deep, gritty delivery but approaches his newest record with the influence of the Las Vegas scene. The Uli Cook Up-produced instrumental is upbeat, and Stone's quick cadence matches the fast rhythm. To put it bluntly: Stone released an anthem for the clubs. The sound and lyrics both derive from the hectic Vegas night life, as the young rapper details a scene with a girl at a strip club. With his versatility on full display, Stone is preparing to begin to make a name for himself as a unstoppable force in the West Coast rap scene. 

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