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Daethepoet's debuts with the heartfelt "Blue"

Singer/songwriter/poet Daethepoet delivers her debut single titled "Blue."

The talented rising act showcases her songwriting prowess on this mellow tune. Kicking off with a special spoken word intro, the singer switches into an emotionally-drenched vocal performance that exudes that classic neo-soul vibes laced with modern day elements. The ethereal backdrop which cascades her lush vocals really makes this record brilliant as well. Employing soulful downtempo styles for the first half before switching into the trap-infused second half, Daethepoet feels at home on both sections as she effortlessly slithers across the dynamic arrangement.

"Blue" is Daethepoet's debut single off her upcoming EP entitled Dae Dream which is scheduled to release this summer on Karmatic Records.

Connect with Daethepoet: Soundcloud | FacebookInstagram

Connect with Josh Grant: Soundcloud | BandcampInstagram


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