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Talk Time debut with the sonically pleasing "Year of Self" single

LA-based band Talk Time deliver their retro-tinged debut single "Year of Self" and it's a brilliant new track from start to finish, just hit play below:

The five-man band tap into a forgotten era as they deliver an anthemic jam in "Year of Self". The result is a nostalgic filled, engulfing song that showcases the retro-styled pop sensibilities of the group. They don't pander to the commonplace and rather strive to go outside the box while still channeling a familiar sound. The drums hit hard, the electric guitars fill up the ether with a somber, yet nostalgic vibe and the lead vocals cut through the mix with its Summery melody that exudes that classic California glow.

The band says on the song, "It's a celebration/mantra for the unique thinkers with the courage to live outside the box and an ode to the astronomer Galileo." Talk Time was created from scratch in a warehouse in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of East Los Angeles, California. The band channeled their love for catchy and experimental pop resulting in an exciting lush sound that filters their influences through laid-back Californian sensibilities. Talk Time is made up of  Edson Choi, Mike Nissen, Andrew Smith, John Ransom Tucker, and Derek Howa.

Connect with Talk Time: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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