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Elephante leaves no stone unturned in scintillating 'Glass Mansion' EP

I woke up in a dream / From my heart beating faster / Was it more than it seemed / Or just another disaster?

There may not be a better cluster of lyrics that define the overarching theme of Elephante's jaw-dropping new EP Glass Mansion. Sung hypnotically by Nevve to kick off the standout track "Otherside," they are a microcosm of the concealed fragility present in our Instagram-obsessed lives. It's a somber motif which Elephante cloaks with euphoric production throughout the project's entirety, creating a brilliant juxtaposition between sonics and verse.

Spanning nine songs including Elephante's previously released fan-favorite "Troubled," the project is a song-cycle of poignant, conscious electronic music that touches on future bass ("The In Between"), synthpop-inspired nu-disco ("All Over Again") and even wonky midtempo bass music ("Red Smoke"). With such a versatile display of genre elements, Elephante has undoubtedly opened up a new line of admirers who will be clamoring for more. You can get familiar with him at the links below.

Connect with Elephante: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram



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