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Toast bring calming "Onetwothree" into the world with Terrible Records [Premiere]

Already making a splash in the bedroom pop world. Exciting duo, and friends-first band Toast (Claudia Mintz & Josh Mehling) have been playing live with the likes of Clairo. Today EARMILK are terribly excited to be the first blog to introduce "Onetwothree" into the world. 
The song begins with off-kilter lo-fi guitar, seaside textures, and then Claud's beautiful vocals seep through. There is something so relaxing about "Onetwothree"; the antidote to the hectic, rush hour aura from the start of college. It feels like it's about slowing down, savouring time, and finding your flow. With the chillest vibes reminiscent of The XX, and somehow feels of early Youth Lagoon, this is independent music at its finest.  "Onetwothree" certainly says a lot about what to expect from their wonderful forthcoming EP. Toast's self-titled EP is due out August 3rd on Terrible Records. Listen to "Onetwothree" on all platforms here.

The song is dedicated to this very precarious time in our lives- moving out of our childhood homes and the start of college, where everything is a ‘first.’ The lyrics came out of me (Claud) immediately after hearing the track that Josh sent me. "Onetwothree" basically became our anthem for the rest of the semester. It’s about figuring out how to cope with feeling like you’re being misunderstood or not heard. As a queer person, I deal with this a lot, especially at such a big university. It’s so difficult to find your voice. - Toast

Connect with Toast: SoundCloudTwitter | FacebookInstagram 
Photo credit: Angela Ricciardi


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