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Jean Tonique shines on Violet Sands & Justin Faust's 'What Do You Feel' EP

Earlier in 2018, Brooklyn-based Violet Sands partnered up with Munich producer Justin Faust on a new track, "What Do You Feel." A downtempo, sexy track with direct takes on 90's R&B, it included a multitude of contributions from Faust's production to the various experiences of Violet Sands' members, including vocals of Deidre Muro, production from French Horn Rebellion's David Perlick-Molinari and expansive guitar of Derek Muro.

Now the single returns with a wide remix offering, of which a perfect pairing with Jean Tonique has arisen. We've seen Tonique travel through time directly to 70's and 80's disco and funk with his remixes, including his breakout remix of "Happy" and on originals from his 2018 debut album, Well Mannered Frivolity. This remix is no different, with inviting, cheerful funk with bass lines that just breathe summertime sunset vibes. Jean Tonique's mix is out alongside another club mix of the track. 

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Andrey Golubol
Andrey Golubol
2 years ago

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