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Jamila Silvera delivers her unique rendition of The Cranberries' "Dreams"

Rising singer Jamila Silvera pays homage to The Cranberries as she delivers her own unique take on their debut single "Dreams."

Silvera's cover is quite interesting as she brings into play her soul/jazz background while keeping the spirit of the original song. She keeps it simple all the way, backed by a mellow percussion, rollicking plucked guitars and dreamy background vocals to match. She brilliantly interpolates her performance with a quaint approach blending her soulful stylings with soft rock sensibilities.

A natural creative, Silvera describes music as her "strongest form of communication and greatest source of joy, focus, and earnest meditation She already has a self-titled EP, released in 2013 which set the tone for her in the music industry. "Dreams" is her first release in 2018 as she embarks on dropping more music in the coming months.

Connect with  Jamila Silvera : Soundcloud |  Twitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Soul


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