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Alessandro Ciminata delivers a lush Pop anthem on latest single, "Heal Your Heart"

Aaaand he’s back! UK Pop savant, Alessandro Ciminata has just released his latest single and, no surprise here, it’s fucking awesome. Check out “Heal Your Heart” below.

Our introduction to Alessandro came in the form of his previous single, “Flashing Lights.” The song was so natural, so raw, and yet still so “Poppy” it was impossible not to cover it on our site. This time around, Alessandro retains his natural essence but takes a step towards a stadium sound.

Within the first second of “Heal Your Heart,” you can feel the song wraps itself around your ears. Alessandro’s subject matter is intimate, but his instrumentation and presence on the track feel equipped to sell out a coliseum. The guitars, drums, and synths are rich and lush, with the kind of depth that makes it seem like each instrument has seen a lifetime of love and loss.

Alessandro Ciminata is taking the sounds of 80’s Pop, retooling them to fit his palette and it’s a wonderful thing. No word on the release date of any full projects from the young British artist but here’s hoping we get some details soon. For those of you lucky enough to live on the other side of the pond, you can catch Alessandro at The Finsbury, June 18th. For everyone else, join me in replaying “Heal Your Heart” over and over and over again.


Connect with Alessandro Ciminata: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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