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Introducing Alessandro Ciminata and his infectious brand of Pop with "Flashing Lights"

Coming all the way from the overcast streets of London, allow us to introduce you to Alessandro Ciminata with his newest single, “Flashing Lights.”

Pop music shouldn’t sound this natural, this cool. It shouldn’t. By definition, pop should sound like cotton candy or bubble gum. The type of thing that you loved as a kid, but can't seem to stomach now that you've developed taste.

That, however, is not the case for Alessandro Ciminata's brand of pop music. The London-based singer/songwriter effortlessly whips up guitar driven Pop music that tastes sweet and has substance. If that sounds too good to be true, look no further than “Flashing Lights.”

“Flashing Lights” starts off slow, with Ciminata singing to a lost love buoyed by muted percussions and a soft plucking electric guitar. As the song swims along, things start to pick up. A pleasant little build up comes, preparing you for an eventual drop. However, this isn’t some Candyland pop nonsense. There is no headache inducing plummet into an EDM hell hole. Nope. Instead, Ciminata controls the song, giving enough release with the crescendo to provide the listener with satisfaction, without overindulging.

“Flashing Lights” is his latest but if you’re digging the sounds, don’t let your journey through Ciminata’s catalog stop here. Just about every song on his SoundCloud and Spotify are well worth a listen.

Connect with Alessandro Ciminata: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


Indie · Indie Pop


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