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Introducing: laye looks to give the "Goldfinger" to past relationships

2018 has already proven to be a year full of great releases and has introduced us to many new artists. There doesn't seem to be any slow down anytime soon. One artist that should be on your radar comes from Montreal and goes by the name laye. The newly signed Sony Music Canada artist is a triple threat - vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. If you are looking for an artist to speak to your directly to your emotions, laye is just the artist for you.

The Lauren Christy and Federico Vindver produced single is a slow burn that once it reaches full blaze is unstoppable. Laye truly showcases her higher register on the infectious chorus and will draw you in until the song stops.

In describing her new single, laye shared: “'Goldfinger' is a song I'm really excited to put out.  For me, it's really about taking a confident, self-assured stance on relationships that have gone bad.  It's about letting the people that have hurt you know they have - but also letting them know you're fully over it. ”

Look for more from laye soon; but until then, enjoy "Goldfinger."

Stream/Download "Goldfinger" HERE.

Connect with laye: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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