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Bronze Whale unveil synthy original tune "Gold Grain"

Bronze Whale is back with their latest original tune, the synth-laden electronic soul heater "Gold Grain."

The Austin-based duo has been on a roll lately with their groovy downtempo sound, releasing "Warm" back in March before following with "Patterns" in April. Bright synth stabs are at the forefront of this one, which features fellow Austin-ite Jet Horns, who lays down additional production alongside vocals from Bronze Whale's own Benny Alley. It's a great example of their ability to blend indie and pop and with electronic music - something they've proven time and again with each forward-thinking original they offer. Bronze Whale have more music on the horizon this summer, but for now you can stream "Gold Grain" above and get familiar with the guys below.

Connect with Bronze Whale: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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