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Tails releases his first track on Monstercat “Ghosted” featuring Pauline Herr

Spencer Reid is also known as Tails hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. A familiar face online, he is well known for his creative production process that stems from his use of melodies and sound design. “Ghosted” marks his first release with Monstercat, a label that we have all come to know and love, that often features talented and upcoming producers.

Sometimes I’ll hear releases that have vocals which clash with the production because I felt that it was not the right fit, but Tails really did justice in this case. The vibe and mood is set perfectly; listeners are invited for an emotional journey encompassed with a catchy melody that will have you humming it in your head all week.  The highlight for me was that I would associate a different image each time I replayed it.

The track begins with Pauline’s vocals laced with soft piano keys, setting the tone. A few bars into the track, we’re taken for a 360 spin, a dark and sinister vocal accompanied by brass and percussion acoustics and a subtle saw. Building up into the drop, a unique melodic bass line was the cherry on the top for me. Easily turning into a daily listen that has me grooving in my car and at work.

It’s been a huge goal over the last few years to release with Monstercat! I’ve been considering sending music to them for ages but never felt that the music was good enough. As soon as Pauline sent me the first draft of the vocal for Ghosted, I knew this track felt more special than other projects I had worked on. I sent the track to the A&R team while we were playing Fortnite one night and they immediately expressed interest! From there, the Monstercat family made the release process as seamless as possible! I’m excited to see what happens with the track in the next little while. As far as next releases, I’m just working hard to make each release even bigger and better than the last! I’ve got some stuff i’m very proud of on the way. - Tails

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