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Slo taps into the energy of "The Godfather"

Budding rapper Slo goes for the jugular on his new single "The Godfather." 

While The Godfather and mob films have been referenced in hip-hop since inception and even gave birth to the sub-genre of Mafioso rap, the approach nowadays is all that matters. Slo, on the other hand, offers his own take on the matter as he pens gritty, fact-filled rhymes such as "...I'm disgusted by your numbers, trying to rush through the come up/ always coming with the swag but you lacking the substance...". You can tell he is a product of the true school as he takes time in crafting his lyrics while tackling run of the mill rappers who claim to be top tier in this era.  Not the one to rest on his oars, he finishes his mission statement with a bolstering chorus "...I got the aura of the Godfather, Slo Corleone aka the don dada/ all my enemies against me don't mean nada/ I'ma make sure they can't refuse the offer..."

To reiterate Slo is out for fake rapper's blood on this Nayz produced track and will stop at nothing to get his way.

Connect with Slo : Soundcloud |  Twitter | Instagram

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