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ThatGirlWarren releases self-produced single "Dirt On My Name"

ThatGirlWarren is the musical alias of South- London born and raised; singer, lyricist and producer, Ella Rose. Yesterday, she released her self-produced single "Dirt On My Name" and it's a serious bop if you're into that UK-type of hip-hop/R&B sound.

Rose mentions that the single is "pretty much a song about being yourself 100% and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks". It's an anti-conformity song about not trying to fit in, ripe with themes of empowerment both for yourself and the people around you. If I were to characterize this single by anything, it's that it might just be the dose of confidence listeners will be needing when they're craving some confidence-boosting music. 

Connect with ThatGirlWarren: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Alternative R&B


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