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Silk Cinema is taking chances on "No More"

UK duo known as Silk Cinema deliver the first release of 2018 in the form of the groovy tune titled "No More."

The duo is made up of vocalist Kristy X and producer Raph A. Completely independent, their sound is not restricted to a specific format but this new record "No More" is more of electro-soul laced with some house elements. "No More" is a song about having enough of a bad situation and resolving to not accept it anymore. Of course, that decision usually comes with some doubts and insecurities but regardless the individual is determined to take the plunge into the unknown rather than stay in the broken relationship.  Music wise, Raph A crafts a mellow, somewhat reflective backdrop using rich keys and a dreamy arp that warms the ears while Kristy X delivers an emotional-drenched performance. She details her resolve with an intense passionate drawl but still kept it simple in terms of the vocal layering. Sometimes less is more.

"No More"  is the first release from Silk Cinema and it will be followed by another single while their debut album will be ready at the end of summer. Get it on Spotify and Apple Music.

Connect with Silk Cinema : Soundcloud | Facebook | Spotify | Apple MusicTwitter | Instagram


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