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Lxandra drops visuals for "Hush Hush Baby"

 Lxandra hails from a small island in Finland. While attending high school, she found a love for singing and, she eventually moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue her dreams. She has a particular vision for herself as an artist, and it is reflected in her music. Not only does she love running and considers herself a feminist/vegetarian, but she can write a ballad with the best of them.
"Hush Hush Baby" is a moody song, which is beautifully sung by Lxandra. Her voice conjures up thoughts of singers like Adele, Jesse J, and Lana Del Rey. The visuals put you into a serene head space, which fits the vibe of the track. Lxandra is seen holding a flower, which she then uses as a prop microphone in her video performance.
Lxandra has recently finished touring with Dua Lipa, and she plans on touring more in the near futureConnect with Lxandra on social media below for more details.
Connect with Lxandra: Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud





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