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Marie Naffah embraces herself on debut single "Let Me Wilt"

Few singers have as much soul as Marie Naffah. This is a woman who has seemingly done it in, between winning MTV’s Unsigned Artist Of The Year, selling out London’s The Lexington, and giving TED Talks regarding the stigma behind disability in the music industry. All of this Naffah has accomplished before formally releasing any music, until now. Naffah's debut single, "Let Me Wilt," is as soaring and soulful, as endearing and tugging as we could have ever hoped.

Naffah's vocals have a wonderfully earthy base. Every note she hits is packed with body and boosted by her poetic writing. Her lyrics excavate the wonderful out of the aching and mundane. Over a steady piano line and rattling percussion, Naffah declares herself unique. "Let me wilt, let me bloom," she declares. Though her singing is cuttingly tender, brightness does not escape her. Beaming chords wind up the track as Naffah sings of privileging originality. Out from her booming delivery comes an attractive and subtle swagger, an easy smile that permeates that track and centers her personality on the single. 

The single is wonderfully encouraging, a song to take on the day, which is in line with Naffah's mission. Of the track, she says: "I suppose 'Let Me Wilt’ is about embracing your individuality. I want people to listen to it and feel that they are capable of conquering the world." 

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