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Midnight Memories is "L O S T" on new single

As the saying goes, when facing our fears and anxieties, we all look the same in the dark. That seems to be the driving ideology behind anonymous producer Midnight Memories. After working for years on the management side of the music industry, Memories has taken their love for piano and guitar and flipped it into a promising music career. True to their name, Midnight Memories' production overwhelms and renews you like a grip of racing thoughts in middle of the night. Their latest single, "L O S T" also plays true to its name, delivering all the peaks and valleys of discovery and regret.

"L O S T" succeeds with its innovation in rhythm. The syncopation keeps the track from being too trite, too dependent on swelling arpeggios to capture an emotion. Memories smartly lets the track breathe following a spastic swell. The highs on the cut are wonderfully frenetic, but without overstimulating. Easing us into a tender and house-inspired closing, "L O S T" proves to be an expansive and explorative three-minute cut, accentuated by the textured bass and final pop of color. Whoever Midnight Memories might be, one thing is for certain: they are an exceptionally innovative and intuitive artist.

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