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Crystalize goes for the heart strings with new remix of Post Malone's "I Fall Apart"

Canada-formed, LA based duo Crystalize has been rejuvenated following their impressively well-received "Humble" remix. Days after releasing their EDC Discovery Project with Insomniac, Crystalize has taken Post Malone’s smash hit "I Fall Apart" and gone straight for the heart strings. Ben and D’artagnan have always pushed the boundaries of their sound with their unique interpretation of their remixes and "I Fall Apart" is no different. If this proves anything, it’s that Crystallize is breaking through the noise and firing on all cylinders.

The original plays heavy on Post’s ever moving falsetto, features the glide of a soft piano, spacey percussion and captivating vocal chops. Crystalize capitalizes on the emotion of the song with light builds that expand into monumentally open breaks, extremely reminiscent of Porter Robinson’s ‘Sea of Voices’. The tranquility and bubbling emotion of the duo seamlessly provides transforms Post’s heartfelt tune into a beautiful orchestra of moving synths, guitar and strings.

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