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select.browse.cancel. presents melodic 2 track EP ‘Encounters’

James Harmon better known as select.browse.cancel. is ready to present his 2 track EP ‘Encounters’ now via THNK TNK Records today. Taking his musical adventures deep into the depths of house music, with a bit of a wanderlust vibe, he let us know his music was inspired by the landscapes of Denver, and Colorado, which he hopes will set his listeners on their own sonic journeys. 

 "Both titles for the tracks are driven from the solemn time I’ve endured over the past 2.5 years since my father passed away." “Persistence of Memory” is titled after Salvador Dali’s famous painting and represents time as being relative and complex, not as constraining as we’re led to believe. “Encounters” is based off of his love for the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as the melody fits swimmingly with a trip through space, shares Harmon. Melodically delicious from start to finish, give it a listen and get lost above. 
Connect with select.browse.cancel.: Soundcloud I Facebook 


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