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Gabe Fleck is searching for the perfect "Head Space"

Up and coming singer-songwriter Gabe Fleck latched onto our radar with his newest gripping record titled "Head Space," where he delivers a mix of pop, lo-fi electronic and experimental elements. This unusual single's soundscape is layered, engulfing and emotionally drenched to the core. Thematically the singer aims to find an escape from reality and approaches the writing from what he calls "...an over-worried mind...". The beauty of this track is it's divided into 2halves, the first half has a more jarring feel about it and kinda shows the singer wading through a more disjointed backdrop looking for the light as he sings "...It's hard to dream when you can barely sleep/ It's hard to scream when you can barely speak...". The second half is where the lo-fi funk groove kicks in and changes the entire mood which could mean he found his proverbial "head-space" at the end of the day.

The Portland, OR-based singer is currently in the lab working on new exciting music.

Connect with Gabe Fleck   : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Electro · Electro Pop · Electro R&B


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