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Skream brings stellar new sound to Amtrac's "Old Times" with Anabel Englund

Today, we celebrate the meeting of two of underground house music's most hyped names. 

We've watched as Amtrac has ascended from SoundCloud beats to sought after deep house artist, and his latest track "Old Times" kicked off 2018 allowing for more recognition. The track - a collaboration with frequently featured and Do Lab-spotlighted artist Anabel Englund - brought hypnotic piano and ethereal vocal sampling together in a way that breathes sunshine and festival energy.

Today, "Old Times" gets a re-up from both some new and notable names, including The Juan Maclean, Gerd Janson and X-COAST. But the remix we have today is certainly the highlight, and comes from veteran producer, DJ and dubstep pioneer Skream.

While Skream did lay the groundwork for some of electronic music's harder beat movements, he has thrived in recent years building a sound that has no genre, but an underground feel through a uniquely UK lens. His take on "Old Times" feels effortless, other-worldly, and well, worldly. Highlighting the track's vocals once more, swirling beats culminate in an eerie billow of steel drums and show his command of anything he puts his mind to.

Listen to the full remix EP here via Spotify.

Connect with AmtracSpotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with Skream: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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