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"Everything Connected"— the newest single from Jon Hopkins' upcoming album

Jon Hopkins has been inching closer to his upcoming album release, titled Singularity, one track at a time. Known for his experimental ambient and hypnotic techno beats, Hopkins has worked with artists as big as Coldplay who seek his expert hand in toying with synthetic sounds to make something that resonates as distinctly sentimental and human upon listening. His first release from the project is titled "Emerald Rush" with an accompanying cartoon music video— watching it is a bit like seeing a Hayao Miyazaki film on hallucinogens (at least how I imagine it.) On Wednesday he shared his newest song, "Everything Connected."

The track is a blend of emotional ebbing synths with sprinkles of crunching noise. The surprisingly alluring contrast of sounds makes this release exactly what one would expect from Hopkins. Despite the long hiatus since his last album release, the distinct appeal of his unassuming yet occasionally jarring dance music remains. Watch the song take life in quirky animated form below, and look out for Singularity on May 4 via Domino Records.

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