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Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes release stunning visuals for "Modern Lover" [Video Premiere]

Nashville-based group Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes have released stunning visuals to accompany their new music video for "Modern Lover," which premieres exclusively on our site today. "Modern Lover" is slated for release on their upcoming album Fashion, due out in 2018. Fashion is releasing in three parts, Chapter One (out now), Chapter Two (out this Friday, April 27th), and the full album to be revealed at a later date. 

 "We wanted the video to feature all different types of couples - gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual and transgender - and combine them all together in a unique way that celebrates diversity in sex," lead singer and keyboardist Daniel says. "The song is about being proud of who you love and how you love and passionately embracing that." 

"Modern Lover" is filled with rich imagery that evokes what it means to love in 2018. If the aim of the video is to continue to embrace love's diversity and spread positive awareness, the band is well on their way to making a direct societal impact. 

Connect with Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 


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