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Bronze Whale release soulful slow-burner "Patterns"

Bronze Whale is back with their latest babymaking tune, the soulful downtempo number "Patterns." With all the euphoric future bass and melodic dubstep going around these days, it's nice to see an artist take a step back and offer up a more subdued, barebones production. Sometimes simple is better, and the Austin-based duo drive that point home with this beautifully minimalistic electronic ballad, which glides to a languid rhythm highlighted by warm, bubbly synths.

What makes "Patterns" special, though, is its vocal, which is just as hypnotizing as it is mighty. The song's lyrics explore the painfully relatable feeling of pushing and pulling in a tumultuous relationship and the effect it has on you long-term, made all the more impressive by the fact that one of Bronze Whale's members sang them himself. Get familiar with them at the links below.

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