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Dro Fe shows us the real side of Texas streets in latest EP, 'Big Narco'

Dro Fe the Texas rapper is back in 2018 with the eight-track EP 'Big Narco,' a dark and twisted story of what life is like in the Texas drug game on the border between Mexico and Tx. 

Dro Fe is a big man and he raps a big game on this EP full of street homages about, "gettin paper by any means." The short EP is jam packed with features from fellow crack rap heavy hitters such as Landstrip Chip, Drugrich Pe$o, Manman Savage, Valee, DollaBillGates, Dice Soho, and Gleesh

'Big Narco' is in a genre all its own, Narcowave, conveniently coined by Dro Fe himself and used as an identifier throughout all eight tracks. There is a real sense of a master at work here each song is dripping with mental prowess and a finesse that can only be found in someone who knows exactly what he is talking about. 

Dro Fe is being called by the street and the street follows him on an anything but daft decorum as each track crawls on with Dro Fe's Texas drawl. Heavy bass and distorted bells ring in an EP that is nothing short of a trap bible. 


  1.  Thought You Had It
  2. By Any Means
  3. Alpharma
  4. The Streets
  5. Moves
  6. Tesla
  7. Work
  8. In Love with the Trap (Outro)

Connect with Dro Fe: Apple Music | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Southern Trap


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