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Englewood is cruising the "Boardwalk Bumps" [Bandcamp Corner]

Madison, Wisconsin native Englewood has bestowed upon us, the lowly music lover getting ready for summer and in the very beginning of festival season, a truly massive treat in the form of his new album, Boardwalk Bumps.

Boardwalk Bumps is a thirteen track certified smooth and soothing summer vibe opus of an album. All thirteen tracks are incredibly cohesive and does not sell short the feeling of being transported to a beachside boardwalk where the sun is shining and the waves are breaking.

The album opens with "Springtime"' (I know, I know not Summertime) a song that has a gorgeous saxophone sample that shimmers bright as the sound of waves rolling in set the mood at the pinnacle of the sax sample a simple boom bap beat drops in and you know the ride is just beginning. 

I realize it may sound ridiculous to say that an album entirely devoid of lyrics is written in earnest but in this particular case it is so. Each song sets a tone that you must keep listening, you must stop what you are doing and just chill.

Each track on this beautiful journey has a sample that will make you dig and dig till you cannot dig any longer; from jazzy to bluesy from sax to guitar to lush piano. 

Clearly Tom Misch is an influence here and Englewood crushes it each song's sample held together with a perfectly timed boom bap. 4/20 is over but you do not have to stop kicking back.

Tracklist below:

Boardwalk 02:24
Soul 02:24
Lighthouse 02:35
Gnomo 01:54
 Sea Song 03:19

Englewood deserves some snaps for this one: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp | Spotify 

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