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Mike G (Odd Future) creeps through the fog with 'Chase Clouds' EP

OFWGKTA's Mike G is back in the fray with a 10-track EP titled Chase Clouds. The EP comes as an appetite-whetter as he prepares his debut album.

The EP is musically varied, merging laid back west coast sounds, trap elements, and of course Mike G's characteristic laid-back flow. The features are a handful and Mike recruits cats like Just Juice, OG Maco, Santana Ali, Satyre, and others to join him on the project. Mike dedicates the EP to all the herb users out there celebrating 4/20. The EP gives fans a glimpse of what is to come from Mike and the debut album, while also embarking on a musical journey. You can hear his inspirations and influences come alive.

Mike G is presently putting finishing touches on his debut album Stealth Fighter as well as working with Zumies on the newest clothing collection, as well as his very own weed cotton candy.

Connect with Mike G: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap


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