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Easy Life capture the universal truths of youth on "Ice Cream"

A good band is hard to find, but UK act Easy Life make it, well, not so difficult. Cut from the boisterous BROCKHAMPTON cloth, with a bit of wobble and measure, Easy Life make accessible springtime tunes that lean on the universal truths of youth to hold your attention down to the final inflection. The croons on their latest single, "Ice Cream," are no different, taking you back to each and every parking lot you've logged hours pondering life and laughing with friends. The group has a love for hip-hop, R&B, and the endearing textures of DIY. 

"Ice Cream" will deceive you. The track appears to be a bemoaning of lost love, but is more a communal space to recall lost days of summer flings. And the harmonies just sound so good. The vocal breaks and inflections imbue this track with unprecedented personality in an era where any group of friends with a microphone think they've got a classic on their hands. Easy Life have an identity as wistful pop-rockers and "Ice Cream" is their mission statement.

"Ice Cream" appears on Easy Life's debut mixtape, Creature Habits, which you can pick up here. The group are also currently touring, and if you'd like to catch a show, dates are below:
May 5 | Leeds | Live at Leeds Festival
May 6 | Leicester | Handmade Festival
May 18-19 | Brighton | Great Escape Festival
May 25 | Manchester | Dot to Dot Festival
May 26 | Bristol | Dot to Dot Festival
June 2 | Cheltentham | Wychwood Festival
June 29 | London, Finsbury Park | Liam Gallagher support
July 8 | Gloucester | Barn on The Farm
July 27 | Derbyshire | Y Not Festival
July 31 | Cornwall | Knee Deep Festival
August 24 -26| Reading & Leeds Festival
August 29 | Glasgow | Tenement Trail Festival

Connect with Easy Life on Soundcloud.

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