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Midsplit releases vibey "Fall Out" with Paige & TwoPack on Majestic Casual

Maxence Pepin, better known as Midsplit, Paige, and TwoPack have linked up for a vibey hip-hop, rap, and eclectic original called "Fall Out." The French-Canadian producer takes a unique approach to music. Rather than forcing melodies out, he focuses on the emotion and vibe of the production, allowing him to relate and connect better with fans. "Fall Out" has been released on Majestic Casual

"Fall Out" features a slightly different energy than what Midsplit usually puts out. This one sings to the tune of hip-hop, rap, and pop. Throughout, brass stabs, soft organs, and Paige's angelic vocals carry the beautiful top line. 

"I'm your average French-Canadian boy with brown eyes and hair," says Midsplit. "It's pretty ironic since I try to make some really unique music, since I approach songs like emotions rather than melodies. So we can say that Midsplit is sort of my escape from being normal." 

Connect with Midsplit: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Majestic Casual: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Electro R&B · Electronic · Future R&B · Hip-Hop · Rap


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