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Slaters release "One" feat. Saro, second single on Terrible Records

Slaters is the moniker of Brooklyn based production duo Al Carlson and Alex Craig.  The two arrived at music production via somewhat different paths; Carlson is a jazz musician turned sound engineer/mixer, while Craig toured as a guitarist with several indie-pop and shoegaze acts.
Slaters draw from an endlessly varied set of influences. Motown, noise music, 90s alternative, r&b, and early aughts teen pop are all styles that are just as likely to be blended together within any given Slaters production. It's an eclectic brand of future pop that is equal parts forward looking and nostalgic. The duo’s second release "One feat. Saro" follows their debut release as Slaters, "Danger feat. Toulouse". This is the second single released by Slaters via Terrible Records.
"We wrote "One" with Saro the first day we met, during one of our first writing trips to LA. We were staying in this kinda sketchy airbnb that may or may not have been condemned (it's since been completely demolished). That house's vibe surely had some influence on the track's creation. The main nucleus of the song came together in that first meeting, but we ended up cutting the vocals with Saro a few months later back in our NYC studio." - Slaters

Connect with Slaters: SoundCloud Instagram 



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