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Bonnie Li release addictive trip-hop track "Decroche" [Premiere]

The Berlin-based electronic duo Bonnie Li has released their addictive trip-hop track "Decroche" exclusively on our site today, a chill-out composition with dark undertones. "Decroche" is a French verb that means "to pick up the phone" as well as "to take down what was hooked" "to kick off a habit" and "to switch off." The duo has cleverly woven the verb into a song about addiction. 

"The song starts in French, showing the melancholic aspect of the addiction, the chorus is in Chinese Mandarin representing the little cute voice that draws you back to it, the rest of the verses are in English because it's a matter that speaks to everyone," Bonnie says.

"Decroche" pays homage to the genres firm roots in the 1990s, and the industrial, grim sounds are the perfect pairing for Li's whimsically melancholy vocals.  

Connect with Bonnie Li: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 

Exclusive · Experimental · Premiere


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