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Toronto's Own GNA Vibrantly Covers Missy Elliott's '90s Classic 'Sock It To Me' [Video]

GNA (pronounced "Gina") has been putting work in her music for a minute and has stayed on our radar since she dropped her ethereal cover of Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down," and her latest original single "Love me,". GNA continues her winning streak as she once again pays tribute to the 90s with her latest cover video of Missy Elliot's classic jam "Sock It To Me".

"Other than the fact that Missy is one of my favorite artists on this planet,  I've always admired her innovation and the fact that she's unapologetically fly! This is just a way of me paying homage to her greatness." 

 The track taps into the spirit of the original with some added details in the mix. Her lush vocals adorn the bouncy soundscape and show GNA's vocal dexterity as she completely owns the song. The visual takes a more simple route than the Mega man inspired video of the original but the animated FX add that extra color and vibrant vibe to it.  She is currently prepping her debut album. Get the audio on Spotify and Apple music.

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