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Tee Krispil's Badangadang is female empowerment to the power of 10

Tee Krispil kicks off her Spring musical campaign with the release of the video for her single "Badangadang". The rising Canadian hip-hop artist steps to the forefront with a reminder that women are naturally strong beings and everyone should not forget that. Teaming up with producer Moxsa (aka Ari James) who meshes old school flavor with new school sounds to create a unique sonic experience that's reminiscent of the 90's but relevant to today's hip-hop, Tee delivers her quasi-monotone flow that sounds like a mix between Princess Superstar and a laid back Iggy Azalea. The song is unapologetic and is definitely far from making women stronger but rather it aims to remind us that they are already strong. She is definitely in zero chills mode as she quips throughout the song.

The bright aesthetics used for the visuals enhance the message of women being confident in their own skin. Being able to control their own destiny without having an egotistical male figure towering above their heads all the time.  "Badangadang" is off Tee Krispil's upcoming album titled 'One Way Ticket '. This is what she says about the project being about many things, but the title is a play on words alluding to how we are all ONE. Armed with a background in teaching yoga and after a spiritual revelation while she was in Israel, she began making music from what she calls a "higher source, Tee feels like a vessel that's here to share truth from higher realms.

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