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Lonely Parade tackles depression with 'I'm So Tired'

This week, Toronto's Buzz Records announced that they've signed their latest talent, Lonely Parade. The trio of friends started their band in a small town of Peterborough, Ontario, and after self-releasing an album called No Shade in 2016, toured with bands such as Weaves, PUP, Ought and Nap Eyes. All of this, while barely out of high school.

And today, the band – Augusta Veno (guitar/vocals), Charlotte Dempsey (bass/vocals) and Anwyn Climenhage (drums), each now just over the age of 20 – is signed to one of Canada's coolest labels. To mark the occasion, Lonely Parade have released a new single titled "I'm So Tired". Recorded and produced by label mate Shehzaad Jiwani (Greys) and Josh Korody (Weaves, Dilly Dally, Fucked Up), the track introduces the group to both newcomers and fans of Buzz' knack for grundgey, punk attitude.

"I'm So Tired" starts off slightly sludgey, just before vocals kick in a commanding, somewhat drab delivery: "Why am I tired, why am I sunk? / Why can't I swim and why can't I run?" Suddenly, the track picks up its pace with a hectic, melodic guitar that breaks into a total math-rock vibe. Throughout "I'm So Tired," time signatures change, vocals teeter between zombied and frenzied deliveries, and the feeling of dread still manages to grip – just like real depression. It's a killer track with interesting switch-ups and a mood some of us relate too hard with..

Bassist Charlotte Dempsey commented on the song for Noisey:

The song was written about an unrequited love, and feeling anxious and insecure about your position, and trapped in the situation. Musically we tried to capture that feeling of drowning in your own head, the sense of sinking as soon as you wake up with the sludgier sections, while the rest of the track expresses a more manic sensation of going through the motions of living and trying to keep up with reality when your mind is somewhere else.

No word on an LP with Lonely Parade just yet, but "I'm So Tired" give us a glance into a promising future.

Connect with Lonely Parade: Facebook | Bandcamp| Twitter



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