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Blackfist releases 'Strapped 4 Survival' [Album Stream]

LA duo Blackfist, made up of producer/rapper VIK and rapper/producer YUNGMORPHEUS, have released their latest record this week, Strapped 4 Survival, self released through their own start-up label Rawsh-t. The sample-heavy lo-fi record plays between themes of racism, and a lot of weed. Both rappers play back-and-forth cooly, with style, as if each rapper were taking turns spitting verses during a smoke session. It's relaxed, jazzy, concise, modest, yet warped – seemingly inspired by early 00's Stones Throw Records like Jaylib's Champion Sound and hazy late nights watching Adult Swim

In a quote from Vik & MORPHEUS, the duo explains:

Strapped 4 Survival is an album we did that naturally came together.  We have worked together sporadically throughout our respective discographies, and had a serious respect for each other so we started to send each other tracks back and forth it grew from an idea of a small split EP to a full fledged group/album. Morph rapping over VIK beats, and vice-versa.Shit started to stick and really come together, and the rest is really history at this point. Strapped 4 Survival undoubtedly marks a new chapter in both our careers. As far as what inspired the albums content it's really based on our life experiences, a disdain and disrespect for white supremacy at-large, some brews and copious amounts of potent weed.  

Rawshit itself is a label and company started by VIK, currently ran by VIK & YUNGMORPHEUS, respectively.  At the end of the day, Rawshit is about exactly what is sounds like; it about carving out our own path and doing what the fuck we want, when the fuck we want, and how the fuck we want. Raw uncut, uncensored and unfiltered. Be on the look out for more content of all types from Rawshit very soon. It's us vs. them and we ain't going anywhere.

Connect with YUNGMORPHEUS: Twitter | Bandcamp | SoundCloud

Connect with VIK: Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud



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