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Jake Austin Walker releases music video for "Rolling Stones" and it's full of wanderlust [Premiere]

Meet Jake Austin Walker, a swoon-worthy artist with a faraway gaze, who specializes in introspective music riddled with the themes of wanderlust. His soft musical stylings are paired with of a relatable group of 20-somethings enjoying life in LA. The video is based on a real road trip and features Peyton Meyer of Girl Meets World, Angeline Appel of Step Up Revolution, Amber Frank, Dallas Hart, and Sade Katarina of The Young and the Restless

In Walker's own words, "My favorite thing about the process of filming the 'Rolling Stones' video was how real it felt and honestly was. Once we were out on the road, everything came together seamlessly. We didn't have to act or play the parts, we were just excited to see which destination was next. I feel this experience was so symbolic of the song as a whole. We're all just a bunch of friends going wherever the river of life takes us, and the video represents that perfectly. I hope it inspires the same feeling of wanderlust to anyone who watches." 

Connect with Jake Austin Walker: Instagram | Facebook 

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