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The Mass Flow Crew kick off with their hard-hitting "Mass Flow Vol. VIII" compilation

Coming straight out of France is Mass Flow, a collective and record label made up of Paris based producers/artists. Led by Thomas Fontana, the crew are now ready for to take over the world with their latest compilation "Mass Flow Vol. VIII". 

The project is a 5 track body of work that blends electronic music, trap, down-tempo, future bass and a whole lot of other influences we can't manage to put down here. It might look short but this mini compilation packs a punch.  Kicking off with Epicure's future-bass/trap banger "At The Top Of The World " which sets with its tribal/space-age fused sounds. The rest of the songs follow similar paths but with their unique touch making it far from stale or repetitive. Take for example Senpu's mellow "Dame Nature", it still keeps the futuristic vibe but the funky jazz keys make it uber alluring and truly changes the emotional tone of the project.

At 5 tracks long, "Mass Flow Vol. VIII" fulfills its obligation of keeping the listener enthralled, entertained with its wavering soundscapes, versatile samples, emotional swells and then some. In case you need more info, Mass Flow is an 8 man collective made up of B.VisibleFitzroyOuskaRyan Fennis, Thomas FontanaGrillzPierre Hachènte, and Epicure.

Connect with Mass Flow Crew: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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