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J.K. The Reaper releases debut album 'Digital Tears'

After four years of work contributing to this debut album, It's finally here. J.K. The Reaper pours all he has into this collection of his best tracks to date. Over the last few years, the Greensboro, North Carolina native has been building his momentum with a few projects including the Almost Angelic EP series which has had three installments to date. J.K. also put out Grim Shady, a mixtape from earlier this year, to build up some of hype for this project. As good as these projects were, Digital Tears outshines them all. 

This album digs deep into multiple themes from drugs, relationship issues, and growing up in the American south. "Parking Lot" was the lead single for this album, it references the multitude of drugs available to those trying to pass time and experiment with while on a journey to self discovery. J.K. uses this song to cite his upbringing of being a rebellious youth as he states "Underage everywhere we go, they gon' kick us out, we don't give a fuck, we gon' meet back at the parking lot."  One of the highlights of the album are the skits throughout the project to provide some comic relief from the serious tone of the rest of the project. The skits detail the effectiveness of Colt 45 as a solution for dealing with ED culminating with live testament. The production on "Drunk/Drowning" is some of the best on the album. There is flip that occurs about halfway that J.K. connects into a cohesive track matching his vocal energy to the energy of the beat. A pitched "Yeah" also helps to bounce off his bars.

After a few years in the game experiencing the world through tours J.K. The Reaper is really establishing his place. As hip-hop generations continue to cycle through J.K. seems to have the creative juices to continue to evolve and stay relevant. Follow J.K. at the links below and check out Digital Tears available on all streaming platforms. 

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