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Brooklyn gives us direction in video for "Compass" [Premiere]

Modern magick and witchcraft have left the dark corners of covens and found their way back to the mainstream. For instance, you can grab a bottle of amethyst spray at Bed Bath and Beyond and buy some healing crystals from Anthropologie. But, all this modern dipping into the new age is nothing compared to the mysticism of the bell-bottomed, stairway climbing, free-loving decades of yore. Lucky for us, what's old is new again; and with her latest single, "Compass" Atlanta-based singer and songwriter Brooklynn, brings mysticism, psychedelic harmonies, and vulnerable lyrics back to the forefront.

Regarding her inspiration for the track, Brooklynn shares, "When you care about someone, whether it be a friend, significant other, family, etc., they become a guiding light in your life. So much so, that you would give anything for their well being and happiness.” The first scenes of the video show Brooklynn covering her eyes with a blindfold while tuning a vintage radio that's blasting out static, before she runs through a world that may seem familiar. She shares, "For this video and song, we took a lot of inspiration from the show "Stranger Things." My band and I are religious fans of the show and I’ve rewatched both seasons multiple times because it’s just so damn good! We loved the endurance each character has, and the way they fight for the ones they love. That’s what the whole message of 'Compass'  is."

Connect with Brooklynn:  YouTube | TwitterSoundcloud



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