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Smino and Jean Deaux steal the show (and some stogies) in "Wild Irish Roses"

Smino’s 2017 debut album blkswn is chock full of classic tracks. One of the best of the bunch is the album opener, “Wild Irish Roses.” The song is a smoked out track about love, lust and looking for some backwoods. And in typical Smino fashion, the Chicago based emcee delivers a video that’s fitting for that vibe and then some. Peep “Wild Irish Roses” below.

“Wild Irish Roses” starts out with Smino and his lady pulling up to a gas station, on the hunt for some blunt wraps. Their past few attempts have gone south, so Smino elects his lady to give it a go. While she proceeds into the mart to find their elusive treasure, Smino waits in the car.

From there, things continue to go haywire as a robbery happens while Smino’s gal is trying to purchase their prize, which eventually leads to her snagging the cigars and fleeing the scene. As the situation plays out, Smino sits in his whip, daydreaming of incredibly over-stylized and hazy scenarios between him and his lady. 

Smino has a natural flair and swagger about him, something that he brings to his music and all of his videos. The visuals, the outfits, the scenes are all excessive, but in a cool and unique way. If another rapper made the same video, it would look off, but Smino’s natural charisma carries the clip, making it cool as hell.

No word yet on a follow up to blkswn, but hopefully, Smino won’t keep us waiting. Until word surfaces, at least we’ve got Smino's Jean Deaux-directed “Wild Irish Roses.”

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