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Newcomer Daisy Gray releases sensual new music video for "Saviour"

Newcomer Daisy Gray has released her sensual new video for "Saviour" and the soulful pop track, with its mysterious and haunting visuals will go all the way up. "Saviour" is the time-worn story of the beautiful ingenue saving a man with her love and all of the pain that comes with that. 

In an interesting twist, the Los Angeles based (and sensuous) Gray has amassed a fanbase right from the privacy of her bedroom and has made it all the way to a premiere of "Saviour" on V Magazine

"Don't even want to wake up, give my life for you like I'm your savior" Gray sings out, interspersed with images of the starlet in a bathtub and playing a piano covered in burning candles. The song itself is positively haunting, with soul-laden vocals and a heartbreaking message. 

Connect with Daisy Gray: Twitter | Facebook 

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